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The Data about Suicide and American Exceptionalism

Suicide rates, demographics, risk factors, the effects of “American exceptionalism,” and the influence of fear of death and killing.

Commonalities of the Suicidal Mind

The suicidal mindset, behavioral signs, commonalities despite diverse individuals, signs of both over arousal and shut down, and the intent to die.

Understanding the Suicidal Mind

The Interpersonal Theory of Suicide and understanding the suicidal mind, desire and capacity, myths about suicide, understanding risk, clinical tools, treatment focus, and relevant diagnoses.

Suicide Prevention

Practical strategies and tools to lower suicide risk.

Children and Suicide

The facts about children and suicide, do children understand the meaning of death?

Safety planning and means safety, addressing lethal means

Means safety and identifying specific overdose agents

Means safety and identifying specific objects and places relating to ligatures

Means safety and identifying specific firearms

Means safety and identifying specific impact methods, such as jumping from a height

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, practical advice on addressing insomnia, a danger sign of imminent risk

The critical importance of caring contacts